Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy birthday sweet Lulu!

Today is our sweet Lulu Bug's 4th birthday! Well, we don't know the date for sure, but she was dropped off at the shelter at the age of about 5 weeks, so it's close to today. She probably came from a breeder who didn't want her since she's not super wrinkly. She's a horsecoat Shar Pei, so she's lean and athletic and mostly wrinkly on her face. We sure do love her and think she has exactly the right amount of wrinkles.


Sherry said...

very cute!

quitethecrow said...

Hi Sue...just had to comment on Lulu Bug. She's adorable! She looks like she could be our "Miss Grace"s sister. We adopted Gracie three years ago. She was found wandering along side a busy highway with a single puppy in tow. The puppy was immediately adopted, but Miss Grace wasn't so lucky. I'm not sure what happened in her past, but she is seriously afraid of cameras, loud noises and being confined in any way. She is a real lover and very dainty. She too is mostly smooth with just a wrinkly little face. I'm sad that I doubt I'll ever get a good photo of her.

I love your ice cream cone shown above. Your work is simply beautiful. One day, when our finances permit, I'm going to have to own one of your beautiful pendants...Elizabeth