Sunday, September 27, 2009

Road trip

On Hwy 37, looking across the mud flats towards the San Francisco bay

Crossing the bridge over the north fork of the American River, just outside of Auburn

The creek I hiked down to in the El Dorado National Forest, still flowing despite the drought

Kelly before the start of the race

I took a little road trip this weekend with my boyfriend Kelly. He was riding in the Fool's Gold Enduro, which is a 100 mile dirt bike race, mainly on single track trails in the foothills outside of Auburn, CA. The trip was full of minor misfortunes and Kelly ended up crashing out of the race, giving himself quite a black eye. His knee is pretty sore too, but nothing appears to be broken, and we made it home in spite of the rear differential on the van sounding like a jack hammer for the entire drive. The way the weekend went I fully expected to arrive home in a tow truck! It was nice to get away, but after all that I'm glad to be home.

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