Friday, December 4, 2009

Photo editing

Right out of the camera

After working some Photoshop magic

I've been getting questions about photography lately (which is crucial if you are selling online!) so I thought I'd post a before and after of my process. After the holidays I'll do a more in depth post explaining the different Photoshop tools I use, but for now you can see the results. You can work magic on a mediocre photo with the right tools, and for me it's actually faster to take a so-so photo and correct it than it is to take a great photo!


Mieko said...

Hi Sue - I'm always struggling with photo taking, so I'd definitely appreciate any tips you can share. I don't have Photoshop yet (I have Microsoft Digital Image Suite). After reading your tips, I may get Photoshop. I look forward to your post. /Mieko

Sue McNenly said...

Hi Sue. Liked the article on Etsy. Funny question. When you order your clay in bulk, how much do you order at one time? My business is not huge at the moment, just wondering what to look forward to.

Sue McNenly

Virginia said...

Hi Sue,

Just want to remind you to do that followup on your photo editing post...before you and I forget!

I'm really interested in learning from someone who does this on a daily basis.