Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rough diamonds

I've been seeing rough or raw diamonds more and more lately, so I thought I'd get some and play around a bit. I was mistakenly shipped a largish packet of small stones and the vendor told me to just keep them, so I have a bunch to experiment with. I put them in little balls of PMC3 and fired at 1110 for 30 minutes (and went out for Ethiopian food in the meantime). They survived the firing, but did darken. Which is fine for the ones that were already dark, not so good for the orange and yellow ones. I have plenty of other options for setting them though, so I'll continue to experiment. What I will eventually do with them I have no idea! That's part of the fun though.


HappyDayArt! said...

I think they look pretty good and have seen people doing this too. I was not sure that your could fire them in place and it's nice you had enought to feel like you could experiment.

I have some rough amethyst I was going to set afterwards.


HappyDayArt! said...

ack my spelling! going too fast!

ana said...

oh wow. i just stumbled upon your etsy shop and blog. i am so in love with your work and craftsmanship :)
those rough diamonds look amazing, even if they did darken. said...

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