Friday, October 10, 2008

In the kiln right now

My trusty little kiln, at full sinter temperature
of 1650, in the living room

Here's what's in there

There was a time in my life when I'd feel like a total loser, sitting at home on a Friday night, but not any more! Now I am pleased that Kelly and I went out to eat early, and I'm sitting here with these pieces firing in the kiln, and a bunch of bronze in process on my bench. Get older is not so bad after all.

The above pieces are made using real seed pod/blossom thingys (I'm not a gardener so I don't know exactly what they are, only that they're cool) that are covered in MANY layers of paste made from pmc. I'll post an after picture if they turn out, and explain more about the process then. Enough of a break - back to work! I'd easily stay up till to 2am or later working on stuff, but I have to go to an 8am workout tomorrow so I have to get some sleep. Tomorrow night is a different story. I won't feel like a loser then either!

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Kathy said...

I know this post was from some time ago, but I just discovered your blog and was reading back through your older posts. Did your little seed pod pieces turn out? I would love to hear how you did them, as I've got a really pretty little pod I'd like to cover with PMC paste as well. I've never done that, though, and it's a fragile little thing, so I'd love to hear how yours turned out! Your work is absolutely beautiful!