Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New piece - start to finish

Here's a new piece I'm working on, although why I feel the need to do a mushroom is a bit of a mystery, but, whatever. I keep coming back to it so I figured I might as well go ahead and see how it turns out! I thought I'd share my process, so here are the initial scribbles:

Once I have an idea of the shape and how I might construct the piece, I move from paper and pen to Adobe Illustrator:

Once I have a rough drawing in Illustrator, I can resize it all I want (yay vectors!) Metal clay shrinks after it's fired (12% to 15%) and I can calculate this and get an idea of what the final size will be. I'm also still trying to decide if I should do the mushroom on a round background or not. I plan on making this in the coming days so we'll soon see if it turns out good or not!


Anonymous said...

Lovely pieces. I have my eye on a couple. Didn't even know metal clay existed - what a wonderful medium.

from Michigan

Anonymous said...

Metal clay is really expensive! how much of it do you use for a single piece, like this mushrrom?