Monday, June 29, 2009

Saturday night at the Sonoma Marin Fair

I took a little break Saturday night and had a nice dinner at Central Market in Petaluma, and then a visit to the Sonoma Marin fair (not to be confused with the Sonoma County fair). I have a confession to make, the reason we went was because Bret Michaels was playing there, included with the price of admission. I'm not a fan of his music, but I have to admit to loving the utterly trashtastic "Rock of Love" shows that he's in. We don't even have TV at my house, but we watch it on the internet. The TV show can be compared to the fried twinkies touted at the fair - pure junk, nothing redeeming about it but a guilty pleasure nonetheless! As for the performance, it was WAY too loud, Kelly (who knows about these things since he was a rock star in Hastings, Nebraska) said the guitar player was awful, but Bret did seem to be genuinely enjoying himself and was doing his best to put on a good show. With any luck he'll continue to cash in and we'll get Rock of Love 4!


alfcreations said...

Just want to say I love your work. And, as a girl from the middle of South Dakota, the phrase "rock star from Hastings, Nebraska" makes me giggle, just a bit. 'Cuz I've been to Hastings. :)

Anonymous said...

i make jewelry too! hello there felllow designer! so happy i found you on here. i love to network with other artistic people! i would love to add one another as followers! let me know if you would like to!