Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mission Dolores in San Francisco

Last week I went to San Francisco to show my work to the Artist Xchange gallery, located in the Mission district. I found a parking spot right by the Mission Dolores, so I went in and had a look around after my appointment. It's one of those local places of interest that I've always wanted to go to, yet somehow never have. The original mission was founded in 1776, the construction of this building began in 1782, which here in California is positively ancient! It's the oldest surviving structure in San Francisco. You can read more about it's history here.

This is the new basilica, built right next to the old mission in 1918.

Inside the mission.

Old and new. Relatively speaking that is.

The most interesting part was the cemetery, which is small but a very peaceful spot in the middle of a busy city.

I almost forgot to mention that I'm now showing my work at Artist Xchange! So if you're in the Mission district check it out at 3169 16th Street, between Valencia and Guerro.


Carol B said...

That's beautiful. I love old mission churches. Thanks for the photos!

Ellen&Nicole said...

These are beautiful. I wish you had called us, or told us about this. We are at 16th & Dolores every day. We miss you and and are bummed you came to town w/out telling us!