Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Edgar update

Edgar made it through the night, and after giving him a little breakfast I took him to the Sonoma county bird rescue center, where he is now in very capable hands. The best part is that they got another baby crow in yesterday who is about the same age, so he'll have company while he's there. You can really see his blue eyes in this photo, and that stuff on his beak is the baby bird food I was feeding him with an eyedropper.


Mieko said...

So happy he has a friend! Yeah, his eyes are blue - I've never known crows could have blue eyes. He's a handsome little boy!

ana said...

yay. he is very handsome indeed :) glad he is in good hands and has a buddy.

SweetMaggieJane said...

Oh how sweet, we had a nest of 4 barn swallows and we watched them grow daily, sad when they flew away. Edgar sure is one lucky bird!