Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I think someone at Etsy likes my work!

Without a doubt, getting on the Etsy front page is the best advertising of all, and it's free! The only catch is that you have no control over it - the front pages are generally chosen from the treasuries, which are put together by Etsy users. It is considered bad form to put your own work in a treasury though, so it's a matter of others selecting your work. Lately, however, there have been more Etsy admin created front pages, and I have been very fortunate in having been on two of them this week! The oak leaf on Monday, and my new screech owl today, which has already sold. Thanks whoever you are at Etsy!


shellieartist said...

wow...that is super lucky. I think you have been in one or two of my lists that have gone front page. You totally deserve it as I drool over all of you fantastic and original work! Keep it up :)

Ruth said...

I love your new owl. He looks great. My owl was on the front page this week too! Maybe it is owl time of the year!!! It is amazing to see how many views the front page gives isn't it. And hopefully they convert into sales too.

Anonymous said...

That is exactly how I found your work, and I love it! I share your love of birds. I love your owl pieces, and I'll be keeping my eyes open for any raven, crow, hawk or falcon art. :)