Sunday, March 1, 2009


I was trying to figure out how I could do some of my concrete pieces smaller, when I was hit with a "duh!" moment. I normally work with PMC3, which shrinks 12-15% after firing, and I realized that I've never tried the original formula PMC, which shrinks along the lines of 30%. So I ordered some immediately, and sat down and made an orange slice as soon as it came.

What you're seeing in the photo is the PMC3 orange on the left, and the PMC original on the right. They started off exactly the same size! Pretty amazing! The clay was wonderful to work with, but I did learn that I need to make everything thicker than I have been. There was quite a bit of warping with all the shrinkage, but I was able to pound it back in shape. The original is 1 1/2" in diameter, the experiment is 1 1/8". I'm looking forward to making more stuff with the original clay.


Jan J. said...

That's an amazing difference. I hadn't come across a comparison photo yet - interesting!

Wishing Willow said...

I was just wondering if you would make some smaller scale fruit. I'm a smaller scale person :) I was thinking that might be difficult to accomplish, but you did it. I love them! I'm wishing for a tiny raspberry.

PeculiarForest said...

I love the fruit but wouldnt it be more cost effective to use pmc3 and just make the pendant smaller, saving yourself some clay for the next design?
Awesome anyway :)

Sue said...

Hi Lou - the pmc original has more binder in it, which is why it shrinks more. So you start out with a much bigger lump of clay for 50 grams of post-firing weight than you do with PMC3. You get more clay volume for the same amount of money, and you are able to get smaller finished pieces without making yourself crazy. I hope that makes sense!