Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Enamel workshop

I did a two day workshop this past weekend on enameling on silver. It was held by my local pmc guild and taught by Mary Ellin D’Agostino & Olivia Competente. We learned plique a jour, which is like stained glass in that you build a silver framwork with no backing, so light shows through the enamel. The leaf is my plique a jour piece (which is very difficult to photograph!) It was fussy and very time consuming, and I'm not really thrilled with the result, but I'm glad I know how to do it now in case I have an idea that is suited to this method.

I'm happier with the circle pieces, they are just enamel fired to the surface (I don't know which french term applies to this method). You add a layer of color and fire for 2 minutes, add more color, fire again, add more, fire etc. The hamster in my head is working overtime, spinning his wheel as I ponder how this method can apply to my work. In the meantime I will be ordering enamels and tools and experimenting with this new way of applying color to metal.


Ruth said...

My favorite color! I like your pieces - alot. I've always thought enamelling was too tricky and finicky for me which is why I haven't tried it. Look forward to seeing how you use it.

Guess your toolbox of jewelry techniques is pretty full up now. You can do everything!

Siobhan Brignull said...

I love your plique de jour!!!
and isnt class taking great you awlays need to buy stuff after, LOL

HappyDayArt! said...

I think it's a good start. Classes give you a jumping off point and then you can do whatever you want with what you learned.


P.S. I tagged you Sue

JoniB said...

Wow I just adore this green piece that looks like a leaf to me? It is sure beautiful the way the light shines thru and the metal looks so cool! I just love your work! You are so creative and your jewelry is very unique!! I sure would love to have your talent!