Monday, November 16, 2009

Hot stuff

Summer is finally over here in northern California. The pilot light for the heater has been lit, Kelly is wearing his long pants to work and there's been frost on the ground the last few mornings. Day time temps are still quite nice however, and anyone living in a place with real winter would laugh at what passes for cold here. Instead of rolling the kiln outside or firing late at night I'm quite happy to have it on in the morning now. Nothing quite like a little box heated to 1650 degrees for two hours to take the chill off!


PeculiarForest said...

I totally agree, who needs a radiator when you have a kiln!

Night Owl Craftworks said...

You should come out to Wisconsin when we do wood firings! Now, there's a hot kiln! I wish there was a way to get that heat inside sometimes :)