Saturday, November 21, 2009

The perfect dog sweater!

I ordered this custom made fleece sweater for Lulu Bug from Etsy seller Hoverfly. We took her measurements and ordered it on Wednesday, and it arrived today - Saturday! Sweet Lulu is a horsecoat Shar Pei so her hair is very short and she doesn't have an undercoat so she gets cold. This fits her perfectly (Shar Peis don't fit off the rack dog clothing), and it's one piece and stretchy, so it's comfortable to lie around in. I'm going to order one for Lily too, she's a brush coat Shar Pei and doesn't get cold like Lulu, but she loves wearing clothes so she has to have one too. Check out her shop here: and don't hesitate to get one for all your canine friends!


Jan J. said...

Cool! Our beagle has been shivering - I am going to check these out!

Mieko said...

Wow, that is a nice looking coat!! Maybe I'll get one for my Kumo.