Friday, November 20, 2009

My latest "professional" tool

I can't believe that I just spent $100 for a clothes iron! Before you start wondering what sort of glamorous wardrobe I have that requires such a fancy wrinkle remover, it's not for my clothes (which mainly consist of jeans, t-shirts and Keen sneakers) but for transferring images to brass plates for etching. The iron needs to be at 275-300 degrees for a good transfer. The auto shut-off feature was causing me much grief as I couldn't maintain the correct temperature for more than one transfer without the iron turning itself off. Here in the US, we are apparently incapable of turning our irons off ourselves, and the only one I could find that didn't have auto shut-off is this ridiculously expensive Rowenta professional model. The good news is that it does make my etching process much less exasperating.


Moda di Magno said...

I have the same one and it is FABULOUS. Of course I pretty much only use it for clothes, but I think it may have to move to my etching shelf now! Good luck - please share photos of your process soon!

Melo said...

In one of the classes I took in metalsmithing, the teacher put the metal sheet on top of an electric coiled burner, and then use the iron on top of some paper for transfering the image.
Could this help?

Sue said...

Melo, the expensive iron seems to have solved the problem, but I'll keep that tip in mind. Thanks!